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Metrological Practicum

  • Measurement of efficiency of differnt type of electric bulbs
    Measure Current/Voltage/Temperature/Ligth of Regular BULB, Chalogene BULB, "Cheap" and "Expensive" energy efficient bulb.
  • Themographic analyses of electronic board deffects and board efficiency of cooling 
  • Osmotic Pressure measurement
    With differential presure sensor measure the establishmet of osmotic equilibrium with different concentrations.
  • Calibration of a force sensors 
    Use an electronic balance to callibrate a piezo force sensor.
  • Measuring of Impedance of a Cable
    Measuring of Impedance of a coaxial cable up to 20MHz
  • Investigation of the behaviour of Peltier Based thermostate
    Using a peltier based thermostate to calibrate the law and position of used thermocouples for feedback contol with defined behaviour against ambient temperatures.
  • Collection of environmental data
    - P, T, Humidity, Measure relative humidity as function of temperature in a camera with heating. 
  • Calibration of pH electrod and verification of it's linearity
    Using a set of Buffer Solutions with changing pH callibrate a stadard electrode and find the conversion coefficients pH/mV
  • Measuring of torque of servo motor / linear servo actuator
    The purpose is to verify efficiencie of a servo motor by analysing the current consumption and input voltage with different loads.
  • Measuring magnetic field around a cable

  • Calibration of vibration sensor
    Use of a vibration sensor as indicator for problems in industrial environment needs a calibration of it's sensibility. The proposed exercise has as purpose to identify a curve actual acceleration / sensibility of the sensor. The measurement involvs a set-up for vibration acceleraton sensor and vibration sensor.

  • Distance measurement
    Using phitgets distance sensor, identify the distance to an object. Verify the precision of the sensor by comparing the actual distance.

  • High Temperature measurement - thermocouple and pirometer